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Finally…A Safe, Zero-side Effect and Super-Effective Belly Fat Solution—With Visible Results In 7 Days.

For women who are sick😞 and tired of buying fake
yet expensive products.


Tell Me, Does These Describe You?

Is your self-esteem being affected by your big belly?

Are you tired of always hiding your belly and being ashamed when you are with your partner?

Are you tired of the exhausting exercises and fruitless dieting that has gotten you nowhere?

Do you want your clothes to look better and nicer when you wear them?

Do you want women (and men) to walk up to you, compliment you and say, “You really have a great body”?

Do you constantly imagine a life of complete freedom and confidence where you can wear crop tops, bikinis and bandage gowns as you please?

And most especially, are you tired of constantly wasting your money on fake yet expensive products that do nothing but leave you frustrated at the end of the day?

Then Congratulations 🎉 because….

Finally, Sidon Belly Fat Solution Oil Says…

Your Time Is Now!

It’s your time to look into the mirror and love what you see.

It’s your time to confidently rock every kind of cloth you've ever dreamed of: bikinis, bandage gowns, crop tops

It’s your time to reignite your confidence as a woman who knows her worth.

It’s your time to get that cinched, hourglass figure you only see on other women.

It’s time to ditch the painful tummy belts, workout routines and diet plans that have never worked anyways

Using The Safest Yet Most-Effective Belly Fat Solution I Know About


How Exactly Does The Sidion Belly Fat Solution Work?

Good question.

Instead of shoving down multiple products down your throat—like several brands out there.

We’d rather SAVE you money and give you RESULTS.

And that is why we have condensed all the magic in the world into 2 simple products.


Sidon Colon Cleanser Seeds

The seeds work hand in hand with the magic oils.
It complements the oils by acting as a catalyst in belly reduction, reduces tummy bloat, cleanses the system and can help with weight loss too.
The seeds are used ONLY twice Monthly, once in two weeks. This is because it induces purging on the day of intake.
You can either choose to use only the oil or use the oil and seeds for faster results.

Sidon Belly Fat Oil

The Sidon magic oil; It is made up of bioactive compounds from plant extracts and sediments..with consistent use, lipolysis is induced and works by dissolving the cellulite beneath the tummy and other body parts.
The magic oils are very effective for the reduction of belly fats,arms, thighs and side folds too.
It is very safe for use by everyone-single ladies, breastfeeding mothers and even TTC (trying to conceive) mothers.

However, The Seeds Are NOT Advisable For The Following Individuals:

Ulcer patients

Pregnant Women

Nursing Mothers

Pile or abdominal issues Patients

But that is not a problem at all because…

Even with consistent use of only the belly fat oil, you can still achieve equally great results.

Remember the colon seeds simply act as a catalyst for your results.

With or without it, you will still get great results!


How Is Sidon Belly Fat Solution Different From Other Solutions Out There?


We are an authentic brand and so we don't force our clients into buying multiple products like some other brands do all because they are out for your money
We have condensed all the magic in the world into 2 simple products. We don't need to force you to spend so much money on multiple products
We know that our products work because our customers always come back or refer others to us.

Works almost like magic

kid you not, some of my clients start sending in their reviews in less than 2-3 days.
While for some… It could take up to 7 days because people have different bodies but the bottom line is…

Our Products Are Easy To Use

Losing your belly fat doesn’t have to be a death sentence.
That is why Sidon Magic oil or belly fat seeds are super easy to use.
For the oil, all you have to do is apply it topically to your belly, arms, thighs and wherever you want to lose weight.
For the seeds, it is consumed with water in seconds.
No stressful daily exercises❌
No need for waist trainers that make it difficult for you to breathe ❌
No use of multiple herbs or creams❌
None of that is needed.
Sidon belly fat solution is the perfect mix of easy-to-use and effective.
Another fantastic benefit of The Sidon Belly Fat Solution is…

No Side Effects

If you have been searching for belly fat solutions without side effects or any sort of complication.
Sidon magic oil is carefully formulated with bioactive compounds from plant extracts, spices and rock sediments.
An ancient secret discovered in India that meets modern day science!
It works by consistently inducing lipolysis and works by dissolving the cellulite beneath your tummy.

Let me share a bit of our starting story

A friend of mine was in India studying Aromatherapy (the use of essential oils). 

One day we had lengthy conversations about essential oils, how helpful they can be, and how they are natural treasures with several untapped potential.

Many things people suffer could vanish only if they knew what to do with essential oils.

After several meetings, studying, training and research…

We developed our first product using pure, natural and 100% essential oils.

This product we developed was for fat around areas of the body with cellulite such as the tummy, waist area, back fat, arm fat, thighs, etc.

We named it Sidon magic oil and had our first couple of tests.

It worked amazingly well.

Then we decided to produce more.

The drive to do more came after people started sending testimonials in, it blew our minds, the results people got were amazing and nothing else could explain it but “magic”.

It brought joy to people.

I saw how we were changing lives and making people happy.

I saw confidence restored

I saw low self-esteem vanish 

It was beautiful.

People threw away rigorous methods of losing fats and embraced our solutions.


It is easy, safe to use and affordable.

Believe me when I say…

You’ll Never Find A Better Product—Anywhere Else✔️

Try Sidon Belly Fat Solution Today And Never Have To Worry About Belly Fat Again.


There’s still more!

Another amazing benefit of The Sidon Belly Fat Solution is…

It Also Burns Arm, Thigh And Back Fats

Giving you an overall toned figure without having to gym or lift weights.

Just like for belly fat, all you have to do is spend 30 seconds every day applying the oil to the area… Easy and stress-free.

But enough of the talk.

It’s time to get that flat, toned stomach you’ve always wanted.

Take Advantage Of Our Ongoing

25% Discount

To Achieve Reasonable Results On Your First Purchase…

Select Your Preferred Bundle

You can choose either of these 2 options.

[2 Seeds and one 50ml oil bundle]

[Double 50 ml oil bundle ]

Total Combo Price

Original Price: N20,000
Today’s Price:  N15,500
Original Price: N22,000
Today’s Price: N17,000

I believe the above table was clear enough
but if you still want a more personalized consultation…send me a message here.

Picture this…14 days from now…

But I must warn you…
Once the timer goes to zero, the discount offer would be taken away and you’ll have to pay the full price.
While you can, take advantage of the ongoing 25% discount.
Your flat tummy goal is just one click away.


The products are Super Effective for Both genders. Men, Women and Even Children Above 13 can Use.

No, The products are purely Natural and have NO side effects at all. Perfectly Healthy and Safe for Use

Visible Results are seen in about 24hrs to a month for all products. 

However, difference in body type is also a determinant for how soon everyone gets their results.

I must Add, our colon seeds (bombs) perform the 24hr Magic but only take it if you are not on the exception list.

After Making payments, Your details for delivery will be collected and we’ll have your products enroute to you in the shortest possible time.

Yes, we do both Interstate and International Deliveries. Delivery takes about 3-5 working days in Lagos.  

5-8 Working Days for Interstate delivery,  and 8 – 12 working days for International Deliveries.